Introducing \(\omega radlib\) Cheat-Sheets#

Today we are glad to announce the start of a series of Cheat-Sheets covering all aspects of wradlib. The first Cheat-Sheet is Wradlib Getting Started which is available via the new Downloads-Section.

Cheat-Sheets are very well established not only within the Python-Community. Who of us has not used the GitHub Git Cheat Sheet or the CONDA Cheat Sheet to get git and conda running?

Often it is vital to have the most needed commands and code snippets at hand. We think the \(\omega radlib\) Cheat-Sheets will help first time users as well as advanced users to get important information on a single sheet of paper.

We are looking forward to hear your opinions especially about what the \(\omega radlib\) users consider most wanted as topic for the second Cheat-Sheet. Please get in touch with us via email, the oepnradar-discourse or in Gitter-Chat.