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wradlib moves forward

As you probably all know by now, \(\omega radlib\) is moving forward now and in the near future. There are several aspects which are laid out in this blog post.

In the upcoming version 1.19 \(\omega radlib\) will use xradar for reading/writing radar data. For this to happen, I’ve ported all related code from \(\omega radlib\) to xradar. Xradar, a package dedicated to read and write radar data based on xarray structures, was launched in late August 2022, on initiative of Max Grover and me.

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Simple Treeview with traits

Since we are continuously receiving inquiries regarding the work with Rainbow5(TM) radar data, I will present here a nice way of visualizing the dictionary representation of an arbitrary Rainbow5 file.

This code snippet makes use of the python packages traits and traitsui.

Example view

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