Release 0.10.0

We are happy to announce the release of wradlib 0.10.0.


Highlight of this release is the implementation of matching of GPM/TRMM-platforms with ground radar observations in 3D. A step-by-step guide is available as jupyter notebook. Also the wradlib raster handling has been improved considerably with …

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Release 0.9.0

With this post, we announce the release of wradlib 0.9.0. It finalizes our transition from example Python scripts to jupyter notebooks (as already announced in a previous post). As a result, the documentation pages have become more consistent, and the handling of examples and tutorials more convenient and …

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introducing wradlib jupyter notebooks

At a wradlib code-sprint early April, we thought about ways to make wradlib examples and tutorials more user-friendly, interactive and consistent.

Therefore, we decided to harmonise online tutorials and recipes together with the examples from the source distribution. All of them will be transformed as ready-to-use jupyter notebooks. These notebooks …

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