Release 1.15

We have now released version 1.15 of wradlib.

This release only has one enhancement:

New features

As all new enhancements and additions might introduce regressions, please report any issues you experience.

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Release 1.14

We have now released version 1.14 of wradlib.

Now, these are the most important changes:

New features

  • zonalstats enhancements, new VectorSource class, geopandas connector and more For an example have a look here in the docs

Maintenance - Code

  • refactor deprecated xarray functionality
  • use f-strings where appropriate
  • remove unnecessary object-inheritance …
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Release 1.13

We have now released version 1.13 of wradlib.

After missing requirements_optional.txt in the source distribution which has been uploaded to PyPI as 1.12.0, we had to remove this version from PyPI again. The problem was that the installation from the source distribution was not possible …

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