We are happy to announce the release of wradlib 0.10.0.


Highlight of this release is the implementation of matching of GPM/TRMM-platforms with ground radar observations in 3D. A step-by-step guide is available as jupyter notebook. Also the wradlib raster handling has been improved considerably with PR#137.

Further changes in wradlib 0.10.0

There are also a couple of community enhancements and other improvements and fixes.

Community Contribution by Christian Chwala:

  • wradlib.io.read_RADOLAN_composite accept file handles PR#114,
  • wradlib.io.read_Rainbow accept file handles PR#140.

Community Contribution by franklinvv:

  • wradlib.georef.get_radolan_grid was enhanced to read extended-RADOLAN-grid PR#119.


  • Merged the curvelinear grid plotting functions into the normal plotting functions. Added contour and filled contour plotting capabilities.
  • Generic netcdf reader can read groups now.
  • Added wradlib.qual.cum_beam_block_frac to compute cumulative beam blockage.
  • Added Earth Curvature Display to beam blockage notebook
  • Enhance wradlib.georef.read_gdal_values to read multiband data.


  • The build process on Travis-CI was significantly improved by running test-suites in dedicated threads/subprocesses.
  • We also fixed some documentation inconsistencies.
  • Several bugs were fixed in wradlib.qual.pulse_volume, wradlib.georef.transform_geometry, wradlib.util.find_bbox_indices and wradlib.ipol.cart2irregular_spline.
  • Several other minor fixes.

For more details on the new release, please visit our release notes.

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