Utility functionsΒΆ

Module util provides a set of useful helpers which are currently not attributable to the other modules

aggregate_in_time Aggregate time series data to a coarser temporal resolution.
aggregate_equidistant_tseries Aggregates an equidistant time series to equidistant target time windows.
from_to Return a list of timesteps from <tstart> to <tend> of length <tdelta>
filter_window_polar Apply a filter of an approximated square window of half size fsize on a given polar image img.
filter_window_cartesian Apply a filter of square window size fsize on a given cartesian image img.
find_bbox_indices Find min/max-indices for NxMx2 array coords using bbox-values.
param coords:3 dimensional array (rows, cols, 2) of xy-coordinates
calculate_polynomial Calculate Polynomial