Interpolation allows to transfer data from one set of locations to another. This includes for example:

  • interpolating the data from a polar grid to a cartesian grid or irregular points
  • interpolating point observations to a grid or a set of irregular points
  • filling missing values, e.g. filling clutters
Nearest Nearest-neighbour interpolation in N dimensions.
Idw Inverse distance weighting interpolation in N dimensions.
Linear Interface to the scipy.interpolate.LinearNDInterpolator class.
OrdinaryKriging Interpolate using Ordinary Kriging
ExternalDriftKriging Kriging with external drift
interpolate Convenience function to use the interpolation classes in an efficient way
interpolate_polar Convenience function to interpolate polar data
cart2irregular_interp Interpolate array values defined by cartesian coordinate array
cart2irregular_spline Map array values defined by cartesian coordinate array cartgrid to new coordinates defined by newgrid using spline interpolation.