Raw Data I/O

Please have a look at the tutorial Supported radar data formats for an introduction on how to deal with different file formats.

readDX Data reader for German Weather Service DX product raw radar data files.
writePolygon2Text Writes Polygons to a Text file which can be interpreted by ESRI ArcGIS’s “Create Features from Text File (Samples)” tool.
read_EDGE_netcdf Data reader for netCDF files exported by the EDGE radar software
read_generic_hdf5 Reads hdf5 files according to their structure
read_generic_netcdf Reads netcdf files and returns a dictionary with corresponding structure.
read_OPERA_hdf5 Reads hdf5 files according to OPERA conventions
read_GAMIC_hdf5 Data reader for hdf5 files produced by the commercial
read_RADOLAN_composite Read quantitative radar composite format of the German Weather Service
read_Rainbow Reads Rainbow files files according to their structure
read_safnwc Read MSG SAFNWC hdf5 file into a gdal georeferenced object
write_raster_dataset Write raster dataset to file format
to_AAIGrid Write a cartesian grid to an Arc/Info ASCII grid file.
to_GeoTIFF Write a cartesian grid to a GeoTIFF file.
to_hdf5 Quick storage of one <data> array and a <metadata> dict in an hdf5 file
from_hdf5 Loading data from hdf5 files that was stored by to_hdf5
read_raster_data Read raster data
open_shape Open shapefile, return gdal.Dataset and OGR.Layer