wradlib.ipol.cart2irregular_spline(cartgrid, values, newgrid, **kwargs)

Map array values defined by cartesian coordinate array cartgrid to new coordinates defined by newgrid using spline interpolation.

New in version 0.6.0.

Changed in version 0.10.0: Accept data/coords with origin ‘lower’ or ‘upper’.

Keyword arguments are fed through to scipy.ndimage.map_coordinates

  • cartgrid (numpy ndarray) – 3 dimensional array (nx, ny, lon/lat) of floats
  • values (numpy 2d-array) – 2 dimensional array (nx, ny) of data values
  • newgrid (numpy ndarray) – Nx2 dimensional array (…, lon/lat) of floats
  • kwargs (scipy.ndimage.map_coordinates) –

interp (numpy ndarray) – array with interpolated values of size N


See notebooks/beamblockage/wradlib_beamblock.ipynb#Read-DEM-Raster-Data.