wradlib.georef.correct_parallax(pr_xy, nbin, drt, alpha)

Adjust the geo-locations of the PR pixels

With PR, we refer to precipitation radars based on space-born platforms such as TRMM or GPM.

The pr_xy coordinates of the PR beam footprints need to be in the azimuthal equidistant projection of the ground radar. This ensures that the ground radar is fixed at xy-coordinate (0, 0), and every PR bin has its relative xy-coordinates with respect to the ground radar site.

New in version 0.10.0.

  • pr_xy (numpy.ndarray) – Array of xy-coordinates of shape (nscans, nbeams, 2)
  • nbin (int) – Number of bins along PR beam.
  • drt (float) – Gate lenght of PR in meter.
  • alpha (numpy.ndarray) – Array of depression angles of the PR beams with shape (nbeams).

  • pr_xyp (numpy.ndarray) – Array of parallax corrected coordinates of shape (nscans, nbeams, nbins, 2).
  • r_pr_inv (numpy.ndarray) – Array of ranges from ground to PR platform of shape (nbins).
  • z_pr (numpy.ndarray) – Array of PR bin altitudes of shape (nbeams, nbins).